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Fire Emblem Warriors

Review: Fire Emblem Warriors – Why Do Y’all Hate Old School Fans?

Should I buy Fire Emblem Warriors? This was a question that plagued me at the release of this game. I wanted to support the series, but none of my favorite characters were there. I felt betrayed, but a part of me wouldn’t let this game go.

Suddenly I found myself at the store with the game. I said, “NO! Why are you moving towards the register!? Why do you keep getting closer!?” “That’s your debit card! Put it away! Stop! No!!!”

….and then I bought it. I feel that I’ve betrayed myself. But, at what cost? Join me on my Fire Emblem Warriors adventure through the eyes of a longtime fan.

HDE Nintendo Switch Backpack Review

Hardware Review: HDE Nintendo Switch Backpack

A carrying case was one of the first items I purchased for my Switch, along with the console itself. It was Mario themed and came with some other goodies like Joy Con covers and stick guards. It was alright, I guess, but I never particularly liked it that much. Clearly, it was the design, as I prefer bags to cases. They’re more portable and usable.

I dealt with it for a few months, and then HDE contacted me with an opportunity to review a Switch Stand and a Bag, so I was quite delighted.

Super Mario Odyssey Hype

Super Mario Odyssey Hype – Episode 72

This week we talk all about Super Mario Odyssey. Will it be the game that we’ve been dreaming of for years? We sure hope so! So, to celebrate its release in under two weeks, we talk about what we’re excited about! There’s also a discussion on things that we want to see that we haven’t yet seen, as well as some discussion on what we hope doesn’t happen. We also talk about quite a few games that we’ve been playing, so look forward to that.