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ARMS (June 2017)

Nintendo Switch

Arms Overview

Arms is a fighting game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

Recent news about ARMS

new ARMS update - ARMS 5.0

ARMS 5.0 Releases Tomorrow with New Fighter and Stage

ARMS 5.0 is Nintendo’s final patch before the end of the year

Springtron joins ARMS 4.1

Springtron Joins the ARMS Roster in Version 4.1, Patch Notes

You can play as this sweet new fighter now!

ARMS Fighter Misango

ARMS Fighter Misango Revealed for Version 4.0

A sweet new fighter to join the ranks of ARMS!

ARMS Twitter

ARMS Twitter Teases New Stage, Potentially New Fighter

Maybe it’s a sumo wrestler with vine-whip?

ARMS Version 3.2

ARMS Version 3.2 is Live, Here are the Patch Notes

Will these cool new updates bring you back to the arena?

NintenCity Weekly News

NintenCity Weekly News: Week of October 2

Marshadow Forces Pokémon to ARMS at NWC2017

ARMS Version 3.2 trailer

ARMS Version 3.2 Trailer Teases New Power-up or Mode

During the Nintendo World Championships 2017, Nintendo said they would release some new ARMS information sometime after the stream. Then, Nintendo UK posted the ARMS Version 3.2 trailer, hinting at a new power-up or mode. The video also shows a glimpse of the sparring ring and the Badge Stash.

Sparring Ring stage

ARMS Sparring Ring Stage Added to Line-Up, Ver. 3.1

Nothing too crazy but still nice nonetheless.

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Game Data

Release Date:
Nintendo Switch
  • June 2017 (USA)
  • June 2017 (Europe)
  • June 2017 (Japan)
Game Rating:
E for Everyone

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