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Arms (Spring 2017)

Nintendo Switch

Arms Overview

Arms is a fighting game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

Recent news about Arms

April Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Directly Running Through Headlines – Episode 49

Let’s speedrun through the same headlines as Nintendo!

Arms Four New Characters

Four New ARMS Characters Hidden in Nintendo Direct Footage

This brings us up to 10 characters even though they are unannounced

Arms and Splatoon 2

Arms and Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct on Wednesday

Tune in Wednesday for more information on Arms and Splatoon 2.

two new Switch

NOA Releases Two New Switch Commercials

Merry Switchman, everyone! Today, Nintendo of America released two new Switch commercials to go along with launch. The ad showed off the portability and multiplayer possibility of the Switch. It also showed more footage for Switch games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS.

Japanese ARMS Trailers

Two New Japanese ARMS Trailers Surface

ARMS is Nintendo’s newest franchise, and it is coming soon to Switch. To prepare us for the game, we have two new Japanese ARMS trailers!

EVO 2017 lineup

EVO 2017 has 2 Smash Bros. Titles, Possibility for ARMS or Pokken

This July, EVO 2017 will feature 2, maybe 3, Nintendo games. EVO 2017 will take place at the Mandalay Events Center between July 14-16 in Las Vegas. The event is a chance for all fighting-game players to come and compete in huge events. These events can be considered as the world championships for these games.


ARMS: What Does it Need to Succeed?

My first thoughts seeing the ARMS trailer were “This is going to be just as ridiculous as 1-2-Switch, isn’t it?” and it honestly was. ARMS looks like a very weird game, but this is Nintendo so I’m not going to make any assumptions about how well a game will do based on its visual style.

Game Data

Release Date:
Nintendo Switch
  • Spring 2017 (USA)
  • Spring 2017 (Europe)
  • Spring 2017 (Japan)
Game Rating:
Rating Pending

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