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Piko Interactive Kickstarting New Life Into Cancelled Game

That’s a lot of winks!

Despite what the passage of time would have you believe, the Nintendo 64 is alive and well if Piko Interactive has anything to say about it!


Retro fans may know the game developer/publisher for creating games for older generations of gaming consoles.  NES, Genesis, Gameboy; you name it. They’re also known for the distribution of older consoles and games through their website. In fact, Piko Interactive may have struck the nostalgia goldmine with their most recent gaming development.

Does anybody remember GT Interactive? Before Infrogames acquired the team and the successive cancelling of many projects, this company published games like Duke Nukem 3D, The Wheel of Time, and Death Rally. GT Interactive was also in the process of publishing another game developed by Eurocom. The game released on the first PlayStation, and they planned on bringing it to the Nintendo 64. That is until they cancelled the project at the very last minute, lost forever…

Until now.

After almost 17 years, Piko is going to breathe new life into 40 Winks and the Nintendo 64 by releasing the game. Not yet, however, as they require funding to finish, advertise, and distribute the game, which is why they opened up a Kickstarter so gaming fans of the system, the game itself, or of any of the companies involved can donate to help get this game out there. This should excite any N64 owner because the port is said to have a Co-op mode, exclusive to the N64 Port!

Donate enough to get the special edition which includes an in-box copy of the game, playable on your Nintendo 64. You can also donate a smaller amount and get the version that will be playable on Steam. There are no specific notes indicating if the Steam release will include the Co-operative mode; however, the Kickstarter is still young, and they’re still hammering out details.

Do you remember hearing the news that the game may never get its Nintendo 64 release? Has this inspired you to dust off the system, or even go find your own?  Let us know how excited you are in the comments below!


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