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Countdown to Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mario + Rabbids Audio Review

Mario + Rabbids Audio Review, Memory Problems, Use Your Words – Episode 67

So much to talk about this week! First up is our Mario + Rabbids Audio Review, which is about half the episode. We really liked that game, so be sure to listen to why! Then, we have to review Use Your Words, a fun party game for up to 6 people. Finally, the big controversy that is requiring SD cards for some physical releases. Also, memory problems. Let’s go!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – It’s Rabbid Hunting Season

Mario and Rabbids, two worlds that have no business interacting with each other in the same game; at least, that’s how most people described Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle leading up to its release. I was one of those people, cringing every time Rabbid Peach stopped everything to take a selfie. I firmly believed the mild, conservative Mario universe couldn’t mix with the obnoxious Rabbid culture. Surprisingly, Ubisoft proved me wrong.

Actually, I had no intention in picking Kingdom Battle up — Rabbids have never been my favorite. However, after watching previews and trailers, I realized this wasn’t another Mario CD-i but a potential high-quality game. Of course, this sort rhetoric is not terribly original; in fact, go to any blog or YouTube channel, and they’ll tell you how their distaste for the crossover turned into love and admiration. Oddly enough, this reaction seems to be pretty universal.

But, I can’t help it; this is an amazing game.

nindies showcase

Nindies Showcase in August, and Mario + Rabbids Impressions – Episode 66

A lot of games were announced in the Nindies Showcase this week, so we had to talk about some of the big titles! Join Skylar, Jordan, and James as they talk about those, as well as other games they’ve been playing recently. Of course, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle came out recently, so we have to talk about this game too! This is a long episode!

Classic SNES Pre-order Chaos

Classic SNES Pre-order Chaos Frustrations – Episode 65

Pre-orders for the SNES Classic really made us mad. So, we figured we’d talk about how they went down and more. Join us for a discussion on how maddening it is that Nintendo can’t supply a good amount of product to their loyal customers, let alone their targeted audience. So here’s what we had to say about the Classic SNES pre-order chaos!

Reggie Says Nintendo Classic edition problem

Fixing the Nintendo Classic Edition Problem – It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Tuesday was a complete nightmare. Struggling to grab a SNES Classic pre-order left many fans dazed and heartbroken. Some emerged victorious from the online no man’s land and are now waiting anxiously for launch day. Others felt drenched with an overwhelming feeling that they’ll never get to hold their own tiny, little emulator.  No matter which side of the fence you fall on, there’s no denying that yesterday turned into one of the most emotionally draining moments of a Nintendo fan’s life.

Disgaea 5 Complete

Review: Disgaea 5 Complete – A Very Anime-like RPG

I really like Fire Emblem gameplay. It’s a ton of fun and very demanding of your attention. So when I heard there was another game that was full-on turn-based RPG goodness on the Nintendo Switch, I jumped at the chance to play it. So is Disgaea 5 Complete fun? Or is it just another JRPG to throw on the already mountain-sized pile of mediocre RPGs? Let’s find out in this Disgaea 5 Complete review.

Nintendo, We Can’t Keep Doing This – SNES Classic Pre-Order Chaos

I’m sick and tired of this crap. This is the second time this has happened to me. I initially shake off this type of deep desire that I have to get a small Nintendo console. Then, when it becomes a game to get one, I go overboard and invest way too much energy on this. The SNES Classic pre-order chaos that occurred this morning is ridiculous. Nintendo, we can’t keep doing this.