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Snipperclips (March 2017)

Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips is an enjoyable game made for all ages. You take control of two cute little characters (named Snip and Clip) and solve various puzzles. But what sets this game apart from the dozens of other puzzle games? Well, let’s find out.


Snipperclips: The Review


Classic living room multiplayer fun

In Snipperclips, you take control of Snip and Clip (two fun-loving craft paper people) and cut your way to victory in over 75 different puzzles. Sometimes the objective is to put a pencil in a pencil sharpener. Sometimes it’s to put a basketball in a hoop. Whatever the objective is, it’s a blast to solve these unique puzzles.

The main mechanic in this game is cutting each other into interesting shapes. (Shocker I know). This is very enjoyable, and coupled with the various puzzles makes the game a ton of fun.

Unfortunately, my main complaint with the game is that it ends too soon; it feels a little short. However, I have played the game through three times with various people and it was still entertaining on the third play-through.

One way they lengthened the game was by including a mini-game mode and a four-player party mode. The mini-games were fun to play with other people. There was an air hockey, basketball, and dojo mode included in the mini-game mode. My personally favorite was air hockey, but they were all quite enjoyable.


Crane Game Puzzle

The four-player mode was a compilation of various puzzles included in the main campaign with a few originals thrown in. These puzzles were fun as well and felt like they weren’t afterthoughts. They were ideas conceived at the commencement of the project.

Honestly, to get all your money’s worth out of this game, you’re going to want to get a few friends in on this game with you. That’s also what makes the game enjoyable. Classic living room multiplayer fun.


This game is also visually appealing. Its gorgeous and charming art aesthetic is refreshing and portrays exactly as intended.


Science Cog Puzzle

The snazzy character expressions are also very heart-warming, and several times they made my Mom laugh when I played the game with her. I heard exclaims of laughter from various people in the room.

The game spans now over five different areas that are all diverse and add a different element of personality to the game. I really enjoyed the new additions.

I, needless to say, really enjoyed the game’s visuals.


This game has some really great tracks. I love the soundtrack in this game, and it fits the theme very well. I appreciate the time the composers put into making the tracks sound original. The high quality of the sound is very welcoming.


Four Player Puzzle

In particular, the track I enjoyed the most was in the science world where the composer added a thumping bass that made the rest of the song shine.

The little snickers and chuckles from Snip and Clip when they get cut was quite enjoyable as well. It’s also a little funny to hear them laughing and then one person chops a little too much.


It may not come as a surprise, but this game really isn’t too difficult. Of course, the last few challenges can be tough, and I found one or two frustrating.


Air Hockey

But really the difficulty came from whoever I was playing with. For seasoned gamers, the game may only take an hour and a half to play through. For those who are looking for casual enjoyment, perhaps the game will last to about three hours. Either way, the difficulty is fine for whoever is playing.

However, it entirely depends on how you play. The game is as simple or as hard as you make it. Just keep experimenting, and you’ll be rewarded.


Snipperclips is an enjoyable game for all ages. There’s very little to gripe about, besides how disappointed I was when it ended too soon. The game’s 75+ stages were a blast to play through, and now the game feels a little better on the content side. Even if it’s still pretty short.


Hamster Puzzle

I enjoyed my time playing Snipperclips. I played with my Mom, brother, and friend. Each experience was different which felt rewarding. How often can you say that with a puzzle game?

We would chop each other into various shapes, and it was extremely enjoyable. Solving puzzles in different ways was refreshing and kept the game original. In a sense, there isn’t one way to beat the puzzle; although, one way may be easier than others.

So, how is this game different from other puzzle games?

Simply put, its the replayability, charm, and an interesting base mechanic. If you have a Nintendo Switch, go and buy this game now.












  • Brilliant puzzles that are replayable
  • The art style is great
  • Music is a lot of fun
  • Anyone can play


  • Too short
  • pushing the SL and SR buttons without the straps is a pain

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