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Super Bomberman R (March 2017)

Nintendo Switch

Are you a Bomberman fanatic? Have you missed not having a new Bomberman title? Do you wish someone would’ve recreated that Super Nintendo magic and addicting multiplayer fun? Look no further! Because, if you’ve been waiting for Bomberman, then here it is! But… not much else.


Super Bomberman R: The Review


If you have played Bomberman, then you know exactly how Super Bomberman R plays to a T. It’s classic Bomberman with a fresh coat of paint.

Super Bomberman R

A classic 4 player battle

For those of us who don’t know what Bomberman is, it’s a multiplayer game in which you try to blow up all the other people on the board with bombs. Note, however, that your own bombs can blow you up as well. So, be very strategic in placing these bombs.

There are also various power-ups to be found throughout the game. Such as fire that increases the range of the bombs burst, or the kick power-up that lets you kick bombs out of your way. (A personal favorite)

Super Bomberman R

The 2 Player Campaign

This new entry into the Bomberman series also boasts a one to two player campaign mode. I found the mode enjoyable but repetitive. The goals are often similar such as destroy all the baddies or push all the buttons. However, I preferred playing with other people.

The one egregious sin this game commits, however, is in its unlockables. To get everything in this game you need about 40,000 gems.

The only way to get these gems is through single player gameplay. Whether it’s online (which lags a lot by the way) or in the main story.

Super Bomberman R

8 player match

This means playing hours of single player only. It’s infuriating. There are no points awarded for playing multiplayer (which is the main point of a Bomberman title). Not to mention in single player when these points are awarded, you get very few of them. Single player is boring; however, Bomberman is best enjoyed in multiplayer settings.

I implore you Konami, next time you make a Bomberman game, give the players points for playing multiplayer, which is supposed to be the main attraction in your Bomberman game.

Anyway, enough of the rant. I do find the gameplay quite enjoyable and being able to play with 8 people is a great addition. In my experience, the more people playing in a match, the more fun it is.


Super Bomberman R

White Bomber

The story in Super Bomberman R is pretty par for the course. Some evil scientist tries to destroy the universe, and it’s up to the Super Bomberman Bros. to take them out. To get to the evil scientist, you have to get through the five evil Bomberman masters.

What I like about the game though is that they gave each Bomberman their own personality. The blue one is now depressed and wants to sleep all the time. The pink one is girly and likes accessories. The red one is a destroyer, etc.

It’s classic Bomberman with a fresh coat of paint

The game is also fully voice acted with the White Bomberman even being voice acted by Peter Von Gomm who played Frank West and other noteworthy video game characters.

So, the story ain’t much, but it’s more effort than most reboots in creating something original.


The visuals in this game are very nice. They have this interesting 3D art style, but the power-ups are in the original pixel art style. Not to mention the comic book aesthetic they have going on in the cutscenes.

Super Bomberman R

Sleepy Blue

All the art styles are done very well and are very pleasing to look at. It’s cohesive and it works. Not to mention, along with the personalities of each bomber, the characters all look like the expression they’ve been given.

Black has a swoop which makes him more like a pretty boy, blue has bags around his eyes, green has a youthful blush, aqua has a hairpin, etc.

The visuals are appealing and extremely well done, and I for one like the change in art style.


Super Bomberman R

The Cocky Black Bomber

I absolutely love the soundtrack in Super Bomberman R. It’s the high-octane intense music I’ve come to enjoy from Bomberman titles. The songs are all original which is very welcome. Although, I did miss a couple of the songs from the original games, but all the new tracks are enjoyable.

One track I remember the most was the one used in the garbage planet. It reminded me of the Splatoon soundtrack. I couldn’t get enough of it. To whoever made that track, good job. You got my nostalgia all fired up.

The voice-over work in the game is okay. It’s not the best, but it could be a million times worse, and for the kind of game we have here, it works immensely well. No complaints.


Gosh dang, Super Bomberman R is hard. It’s been forever since I’ve played a Bomberman title, and it really showed. The game has three difficulty modes. Easy, normal, and hard. I was having a tough time on easy. That made me feel like some kind of a noob. This wasn’t my first time playing a Bomberman title, but man.

Super Bomberman R

The shop

Not to mention the computers are ridiculous. They know exactly the pixel to stop to not get bombed. It’s pretty much cheating. Turn the computers off. Playing with real people is more fun anyway.

The difficulty in completing this game is insane as well. Because, if you want to complete this game, then you need to get all of the unlockables. Get ready to play loads of single player mode, not nearly as enjoyable as the multiplayer.

So look forward to playing a Bomberman game by yourself for forever.


Super Bomberman R is a hard one to recommend. Especially at $50.

Super Bomberman R

Crab boss

I really enjoyed it, but that’s because I love Bomberman and it’s gameplay. The multiplayer battles were awesome, and having 8 player battle support will keep me coming back.

But for those who have never played a Bomberman title, it’s hard to say. If you’re interested in Bomberman or are willing to try something new, then go ahead and get it.

But, if you didn’t like Bomberman before, then this game won’t change your mind. It’s the same longstanding franchise. Nothing really new here. If you know that going into the game, you won’t be disappointed.

Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R












  • It's Classic Bomberman
  • Great Art-style
  • Upbeat Soundtrack
  • Decent voice acting


  • Nothing new
  • Unlocking stuff is a pain
  • Online lags sometimes

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