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new amiibo image - skyward sword

Where to get the Legend of Zelda Link Amiibo

This is an archived version of our Amiibo guide post. This archive focuses on the final wave of the The Legend of Zelda Link Amiibo wave.

Months ago, Nintendo revealed, and released a new set of Zelda Amiibo, all featuring Link from various games. This set includes the Majora’s Mask Link, the Skyward Sword Link, and the Twilight Princess Link. Below, you’ll find official links to where to purchase these amiibo.

Super NES - Preorder SNES Mini

Pre-order SNES Classic Edition – Your Guide

Update 2: Walmart opened their pre-orders a few minutes ago, and then they were completely out a minute later.

Update: Best Buy had pre-orders up for 15 minutes before they were sold-out at around 2:00 AM EST on August 22. However, the store tends to slowly roll out pre-orders, so you may have another chance at Best Buy at a later time. Amazon had their pre-orders up in the early hours as well, and they’re also gone. We’ve also included a link to Target’s pre-orders, but they aren’t open just yet.

It was announced just today that the SNES Classic Edition would be coming. The miniature console launches September 29, so you’ll want to get your hands on one as soon as possible. We all know how poorly Nintendo stocked the last Mini, so this guide will help you find one as soon as possible. The Preorder SNES Mini Classic Edition guide will be updated as often as we get new information, so stay tuned!

Samus Returns accolades trailer

Where to Get Your Hands on the Metroid amiibo

Update: Best Buy pre-orders are back up.

Update: Preorders are up for the Dual Pack on Best Buy and GameStop’s sites for $29.99.

Update: Amazon has posted dummy pages for the Metroid amiibo!

Nintendo announced during their E3 Treehouse Live conference amiibo for Metroid: Samus Returns. Of course, getting your hands on any amiibo is a real challenge, but never fear! Here’s a guide on how to get your hands on the Metroid amiibo.