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How to Circumvent Scratching on Nintendo Switch

Worried about the Switch getting scratched by the dock? See how to prevent it!

You’ve heard the reports that the Nintendo Switch suffers from scratching. The device can get scratched just by sliding it in and out of the dock. You’re probably wondering how you can circumvent scratching on your Switch. I present two methods to keep your Switch safe!


Circumvent Scratching

First, Use What You Have

Just like my post on Switch accessories and MicroSD cards, you should always go with what you have first. I’ve seen people using microfiber cloths, furniture padding, and other items that they have laying around to keep the device from scratching. If you have any of these things at home, be sure to use them before running to the store.

If you don’t want to follow these methods, use the white pouch that the dock came wrapped in. Drape it inside the dock, and you’ve got cheap scratching protection! It isn’t the most elegant solution, but it works!

Microfiber Cloth, or other padding Method

Circumvent Scratching Nintendo Switch - Method

To avoid scratching, drape the cloth (or even foam pouch included with the console) on the front of the dock like this. Then you can secure it with tape if you wish.

One of the most effective methods that I’ve seen is draping the Nintendo Switch dock with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are very cheap, and you can often buy a large pack of them. These cloths are typically used for cleaning screens, glasses, and other surfaces around the home.

If you go for the microfiber cloths, make sure you don’t get any of the thick ones. Make sure you get the cloths that are built for computer screens and glasses. An example that I found on Amazon (not an affiliate link) has a pack of 6 for only 8 dollars. These ones might be a bit on the small side but are the type that you’ll want.

Now that you have a cloth, simply drape it over the front of your dock and secure it with a piece of tape. This should let the Switch slide in and out without scratching.

Screen Protector

If you don’t want to worry about an insulator, you can always get a nice screen protector. This is the method that I’m using, and it works great. Not only will the screen protector keep your Switch from scratching with the dock, it will also prevent scratches from any use!

I personally use Zagg screen protectors (not an affiliation, just a preference) for my devices. There’s a steep entry price (I think it was about $35 plus $7 for professional installation with a 2-week guarantee), but they have a partial lifetime guarantee on their product that only costs $7 for a replacement.

Either way, you’ll want either a glass-based screen protector or a high-quality plastic. Take a look around for the best price for you. Just search on Amazon for a screen protector and nab one.

Again, I recommend getting a Screen Protector because it works all the time and will protect your console outside the dock as well.


Of course, you can always try your own method. These two methods are the ones that I’ve found most useful. Nintendo really needs to address these problems with their Switch dock. I want to dock my Switch with confidence!

What methods are you using? Be sure to share this article with your friends that got a Switch!

Featured image from Glixel since I haven’t had any scratching yet.

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