Switch Projector 'OJO'

Switch Projector ‘OJO’ Releases more Specs, Funding Starts this Month

The cool projector boasts better specs than before!

We’ve talked about the Switch Projector ‘OJO’ because it looks awesome. The creators have released some new specs, as well as a confirmation that the campaign will begin this month.


Switch Projector ‘OJO’

The premise is simple. You have a Switch, and you get a projector. Instead of connecting your dock to a projector through HDMI, you can just plug your Switch directly into a projector. It’s a novel idea, and is surely going to be a hit.

The crowdfunding project on Indiegogo starts October 24th, so make sure you head over and check it out. Here are the updated specs for the project:

  • Display Technology: Texas Instruments DLP 0.2” DMD LED projection
  • Luminance: 200 Lumens
  • Resolution: 854*480 Pixels
  • Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
  • Projection Ratio: 16:9 Projection
  • Screen Size: 30”-120”
  • Interface: HDMI input, 2 USB 3.0, USB Type-C for input and charging Nintendo Switch,
  • Output, 3.5” Line out.
  • Speaker output: 5W
  • Battery: Panasonic High Capacity Lithium Battery – 3.7V 20400mAh
  • Expected play time: 4 hours per charge
  • Charging Current: 15V 2.6 A
  • PowerBank: 5v/2A output
  • Size: Dimensions(mm) 172*80*70
  • Cooling fan for DMD projector: 11000 RPM turbo fan (Nintendo Switch fan: 7600 RPM)

That’s a lot of cool stuff. We’ll keep you posted about this awesome projector! In the meantime, check out some of our more recent reviews!

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