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Levels+ (July 2017)

Nintendo Switch

From their Nintendo page:

Levels+ is an addictive puzzle game that you’ll want to challenge over and over again.

The rule is simple. Slide and match panels with the same color and number to level up!

  • The blue panel is your ally. It will get stronger as you level up.
  • The red panel is your enemy and it will get in your way. Level up your blue panels to defeat your foe.
  • The yellow panel is your treasure. Level it up to increase its wealth.

There is no time limit, and the auto-save feature allows you to play even with interruptions, so reach for your high score at your own pace.

It looks simple but you need to use your brain.

Recommended for both people not so good at games and for those who are looking for a certain challenge, this puzzle game features a new refreshing feeling!

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