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World to the West (January 2018)

Nintendo Switch
Rain Games
Rain Games

Follow Lumina, Teri, Knaus and Clonington on a rip-roaring adventure full of twists and turns through the World to the West! A young Teslamancer, an optimistic underdog, a seasoned explorer and a strongman aristocrat out of his depth find themselves flung into an adventure none of them signed up for. In a land that holds secrets best left forgotten, the four heroes must use their unique abilities to find glory, get revenge, and for some, simply find a way home.

World to the West is focused around, exploration, action and environmental puzzles, often with many different solutions depending on the character you play and your ability to think creatively around their abilities. This adventure of fantastical science lets you play as four different and unique characters. the story is that of their tales, and the grand mystery of this lost land that shrouds an ancient danger.

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