E3 speculation

E3 Speculation and HYPE, ARMS Testpunch Reflections – Episode 54

In which we express our excitement for E3 2017

This week the Virtual Boys share their excitement for E3, even though Nintendo isn’t doing a big presentation. Listen as they talk about games that will get a mention, games that could get a mention, and hopes and dreams. They also talk about ARMS and how David completely changed his mind. Join them this week and take a listen!


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More about the E3 Speculation and ARMS Testpunch Reflections episode

Skylar and Jordan still couldn’t make it to record, but we got Cole back! We had a good time with this episode, and I think I edited it well. Also, we realize now that the Smash Bros. screenshots were fake and that there are new details about the online service, but our thoughts still stand.

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Episode 54 Timestamps

0:00:00 – ARMS Global Testpunch – Yeah, we’re excited
0:19:08 – E3 Speculation Discussion – What will Nintendo actually show?
Listener questions:
0:51:55 – What would be the bare minimum for paid online service?
1:03:17 – What hardware announcements do you think will be shown and discussed?
1:12:15 – With Microsoft announcing VR, will Nintendo expand in that field?

Music Selection

ARMS Main Theme 8-bit – composed by Nintendo – Arranged by Loeder
Super Mario Odyssey OST – Main Theme Transcription – Arranged by Nicholas Karr
Intro and Otro by 5kytar

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  • ◮IBO◮

    here’s Nintendos E3 – spoilers

    Mario Odyssey
    Mario x Rabbids
    Fire Emblem Warriors
    Xenoblade 2
    Retro Studios game
    F-Zero (2018)
    Animal Crossing (2018)
    Call of Duty WW2 <— yes it's coming to Switch.
    Skyrim Switch

    things that will not be at Nintendos E3
    NO Virtual Console
    NO Smash Bros
    every other 3rd party game XD

    • That’s a pretty good list. We talked about quite a few of those in this episode.

      Why do you think there won’t be a Virtual Console announcement?

      • ◮IBO◮

        i do not know. i just always got the vibe that VC will have it’s own dedicated direct. also with the recent news that nintendos E3 direct will be 25 mins long i just do not think it’s enough time to properly show & talk about VC.

        i think VC will be shown late summer or early fall

        • Yeah, I think that’s a good point. VC will come eventually, but we may not see it until later.

    • James

      Nice list! Having F-Zero announced would be a huge surprise for me.
      Call of Duty WWII would be awesome. I used to play all sorts of war games back on the GameCube and Wii.

      • ◮IBO◮

        ya they asked if Call of Duty WW2 was coming to Switch they did not deny nor confirm. Also Call of Duty was supported on Wii and even Wii U. seeing how well the Switch is selling there is no way Activision would not port this to Switch.
        if Activison could port COD to Wii last gen with the greater graphic level difference between Wii & PS3/360, now it would be even easier with Switch PS4/X1 since the graphic level differences is much smaller.

        as for F-Zero Nintendo wanted to make an F-Zero game for Wii U with burnout development team. so they have looked into making an F-Zero.


  • marloc_x

    Call of Duty would please me *love a little junk food on my Nintendo😉

    • ◮IBO◮

      whoa you made it over marloc :v

    • Yeah, welcome! Glad you could join us!