ARMS Will Continue To Update

ARMS Will Continue to Update With New Fighters, Stages, and Arms

10 characters not enough for you? Well, more will be on their way soon!

Nintendo wanted everyone to know that this game will be just like Splatoon. ARMS will be getting free updates even after launch. ARMS will continue to update with new fighters, stages, and arms. This is awesome because I still feel like 10 characters aren’t quite enough.


ARMS Will Continue to Update

Seriously, this is just like Splatoon’s launch a couple years ago. The game isn’t quite finished, but they need to get it out to sell. We’re getting new stuff as regular updates after the game is released. Hopefully, this will address balance and other stuff, so I’m fine with it.

More characters, on top of all of the cool modes and abilities, revealed today will be a great welcome to the game. I’m not completely sold on the game, but I at least know that we’ll be getting some sweet stuff in the future. What do you think about this announcement? Let us know in the comments if this game is too like Splatoon or not.

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