Byte and Barq

Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, and Twintelle Join the ARMS Roster

Three new characters to test out all of these sweet new moves

We’ve got three new characters for ARMS announced. We’ve got Byte & Barq, Kid Cobra, and Twintelle. Each of them will bring something new to the table. Instead of just one character, you get three (well, four I guess) in this nice bundle.


Byte & Barq

Byte and Barq

These two join as a pair and fight together. Barq can be used as a launchpad to jump super high. You can also use them together for a sweet special move. Their signature arms are the Seekie, the Cracker, and the Bubb.

Kid Cobra

Kid Cobra is a pretty sweet guy that just wants to improve his live streaming game. He’s super fast, so you better watch out! You can charge him up to dash. You can then use this dash to dodge opponents and move quickly. His signature arms are the Slamamander, the Hydra, and the Coolerang.


Twintelle is a superstar. She’s an A-list movie star with curls that could really knock you out. Her pigtails extend like arms, which can offer some interesting angles of attack. She slows down opponents attacks while she’s charging with her stardom. Her signature arms are the Chilla, the Parasol, and the Thunderbird.

This all comes fresh off the heels of the ARMS Nintendo Direct.

These characters all look lovely. I’m really glad that ARMS is spreading out and fleshing out the game. I will admit that I was pretty worried before the direct. But, with the announcement of these new characters, new battle modes, and more, I might just get the game! Let us know what you think down below!

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