Callie and Marie Amiibos Coming in July

Callie and Marie, the pop stars of Inkopolis from Nintendo’s popular game Splatoon, are getting their own amiibo figurines and will be compatible with Splatoon.

The two figurines will unlock a playlist of songs by the Squid Sisters, including new songs and dance moves. It is unclear if the amiibos unlock any other kind of features for single player mode. Along with the squid singers, Nintendo also revealed revised editions of the original three Splatoon amiibo with new paint skins.


It seems Nintendo hit it big when they created the charming Callie and Marie who have been fan favorites since the games release. The Squid Sisters have already been featured in their own concert in Japan and will make an appearance at Japan’s pop culture event Niconico Chokaigi.

The pop idol figurines are said to have “tasty textures” and “delicious details.”  Along with their sparkling outfits, they appear to be some of the best looking amiibos made yet.

The new color for the inkling boy, girl, and squid is a bit of surprise, but adds variety to the already in-game customizable characters. There seems to be no information on whether the newly colored amiibos will unlock new content, so its save to assume they unlock the same contents as the original three did.

The Callie and Marie amiibos come together as a set for 24.99 and will be available July 8th. The new inkling amiibos can be purchased separately for 12.99 or in a set which includes an orange squid for 34.99. The inklings will also be available July 8th.

What do you think of the Callie and Marie amiibo? You will be adding them to your amiibo collection? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post. Either way, the Squid Sisters are sure to look great next to your other Japanese pop idol figures. Stay fresh.

James Peterson

An aspiring digital journalist, James loves Nintendo and Japanese culture. He spent eight years in Japan studying the language and learning about the culture, if not goofing around in Tokyo. Zelda, Pokémon, and Xenoblade are some of his favorite franchises to play.