Undercoders Announces New Game And Release Date!

Let the craziness continue!

The Undercoders are back at it again!  The Barcelona based independent studio recently announced their next platforming adventure game: Superola and The Lost Burgers.  Add it to your Nintendo Switch library on Feb. 22!


Undercoders Return With Superola and The Lost Burgers

We’ve been waiting a while to hear about their next game after the release of Conga Master Party in Sept. 2017.  The title focused on up to four players controlling one of 43 characters while trying to build the most epic conga line. Considering the hilarity that must be a crucial part of building your own conga line and the craziness displayed in the image from the tweet, we can expect another fun-filled, imaginative adventure game from their team.

Are you excited for the Supernal and The Lost Burgers?  Let us know in the comments below!


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