film and book splatfest

Europe’s Next Splatfest is Book vs. Film

“But the book is SO much better than the movie!” *shrug*

It seems that Europe is always a few weeks ahead of America with their Splatfests because the next one has been announced. This time, European Inklings will be able to fight for films or books in Splatoon 2.


Books vs. Film Splatfest

With loads of different possibilities for showdowns, this one seems pretty safe. I mean, it’s not McNuggets vs. Fries or the orientation of toilet paper. This one is just alright in my book. Here’s the announcement Tweet.

Now, I’m in the Americas, so I won’t be participating in this one. I love these events, though, so I can’t wait for the next North American one! Let us know who you’d support in this Splatfest!


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