ARMS Global Testpunch

Global Testpunch Demo Announced for ARMS

The Global Testpunch will certainly help people decide if they’re going to get the game or not.

Update: We’ve got the times for the event now. See the imbedded image inside.

Original article: If you want to give the game a try before it comes out, Nintendo announced the Global Testpunch. This is a demo period for ARMS, just like the Global Testfire was for Splatoon 2.


Global Testpunch

ARMS Global Testpunch Times

This image was added after the original article. This image demonstrates what times each of the events are avalable. They will last for one hour, just like Splatoon.

Nintendo said that the demo will be available for download later today. 4 PM PT, to be exact. I’d recommend downloading it because the festivities start next week.

Look for the event to start on these dates:

  • Friday 5/26 (NA Only)
  • Saturday 5/27
  • Sunday 5/28
  • Friday 6/2 (NA Only)
  • Saturday 6/3
  • Sunday 6/4

We don’t know what times these will start, but I’d imagine they’re all-day events, unlike Splatoon 2.

I think this event will be loads of fun, and will probably help me decide if I’ll actually want to get the game or not. Let us know what you think about them doing this demo. Will you be getting the game?

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