Ads Appear for Switch - January Direct

January Direct Coming Soon, Thanks to Apparent Confirmation from Nintendo of Russia

I mean, it isn’t an official announcement, but it’s something!

People have been speculating like mad that there will be a January Direct. We think that it is inevitable, even though our hope is waning. Fortunately, the fire has been refueled since Nintendo of Russia seems to have confirmed something.


January Direct Soon

We’re still waiting for a finalized date and time, but we can assume it is coming soon. On VK, a Russian social media site, Nintendo of Russia replied to a fan question. The fan asked a question about the January direct, and Nintendo replied. Their reply roughly translates to “Kirril, good afternoon! Follow the news – soon expected!”

January Direct Soon

So there it is. It isn’t an official announcement, but it seems to confirm the suspicion that a Direct is indeed coming. However, if we don’t hear an official announcement by the end of the week, I might start putting my hopes in a February direct.


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