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Modernizing the 3D Platform Yooka-Laylee Video Reminds me that it isn’t on Switch Yet

I just want to play this game, and a video tease just isn’t nice

Nintendo released earlier today a video talking about modernizing the 3D platform with Yooka-Laylee. It is a lovely interview video discussing the challenges of making a modern collectathon. If anything, the video just reminds me how much I want to play this game on my Switch, and no there wasn’t a release date.


Modernizing the 3D Platform Video

Here’s the YouTube video for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, you’ll see what I mean.

The video really is lovely, and I’m grateful for the insights that they give on their process. Of course, you probably wondered if they gave a release date, like me. They just end the video saying “coming soon.” Who knows when that will be? That’s why the video disappoints me a little.

I love these types of games, and I want to try it out for myself, even though reviews haven’t been so hot. Hopefully the “coming soon” will turn into a “next week” or something. What are your thoughts?

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