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Bandai Namco Focusing on Xenoverse Before FighterZ

Why not both? Maybe eventually.

In a recent interview, a Bandai Namco developer said the company is focusing on Xenoverse rather than FightersZ for Switch; however, they did not say the game wouldn’t be coming to the console. Many fans of Dragon Ball Z are still hoping the 2-D fighting game, FighterZ, makes it’s way to the Switch.

Tomato Hiroki is a developer for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 porting the game to the Nintendo console. In the interview with ShonenGames, Hiroki made it clear his team’s focus is getting Xenoverse on Switch.


In terms of the Switch version, we’re currently working on Xenoverse 2 for the Switch, so we want players to first go there. Then we can talk about FighterZ.

Of course, Namco Bandai wants to focus on the older game first; although it sounds like FighterZ isn’t off the table once Xenoverse releases.

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