NES Golf

NES Golf Hidden Inside Switch Firmware With an NES Emulator

Why on earth is this hidden in the Switch?

Here’s something interesting for your Nintendo news today: NES Golf is hidden inside the Switch. I have absolutely no way of knowing if this is true, but Switch hackers and modifiers are saying that it is.


NES Golf Inside the Switch

The game is completely playable, say the staff at More importantly, the game file includes instructions for play with the Joy-con, suggesting that it is fully playable.

The file was disguised by the name “flog,” and according to yellows8 on GitHub, is on every single Switch. In fact, it’s been included since the first version of the operating system. Unfortunately, no one knows how to get the Switch to load it.

NES Golf

NES “Flog” instructions. Note the icons for the Joy-cons and motion controls.

This is a little wild to me. I mean, I remember hearing reports that Nintendo included emulators on every single Switch out of the box, but now we have a little more confirmation.

A few theories as to why the game is located on the Switch are pretty wild. One theory suggests using it for internal motion-control testing on built Switches. Another is that the game was originally supposed to be released on Switch day-one, but rumors about performance kept it from being released.

Maybe they wanted to surprise us with a free game when Virtual Console finally launches? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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