Ultra Moon story details

New Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Story Details, Analysis

Is it enough to change your excitement for the game?

The next installment in the Pokémon series is coming out next month; although, the hype has been less than normal. However, the newest trailers may change that as it reveals some new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon story details. The trailers also reveal a new Ultra Beast as well as the typing of Ultra Beasts they already revealed. 

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Story Details Analysis

The trailers show off the alternative story of the “sequel” game, introducing new plot points surrounding Necrozma. Most of the cast returns from the previous two games, but now the Ultra Recon Squad, a new team who seem to be from the Ultra Beast world, joins the fray. The members of the squad you interact with also depend on which game you play. It’s tough to say whether this team will be the new antagonists or not. At one point, your character actually wears their armor. However, it looks like you do fight some of them halfway though the game.  Whatever the case may be, it looks as though everyone is trying to stop Necrozma in one way or another.


Players can also travel between dimensions on the backs of Sogaleo or Lunala through the Ultra Wormhole. Instead of finding Ultra Beasts in Alola, it looks like you go to their world to catch them. However, during the trailer, you can see Guzzlord and Xurkitree in Aloha, so maybe you can only catch certain Ultra Beasts in their world.

The videos also revealed UB Adhesive as the newest Ultra Beast to join UB Burst and UB Assembly. Adhesive is completely Poison type, Burst is Fire/Ghost, and Assembly is Rock/Steel.


Here’s the Japanese trailer, teasing that this isn’t the Alola we know:

The English trailer covers some of this, plus new details:

And that’s all the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon story details that we could find. If you think we’re missing something, please let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to keep coming back for more Nintendo news.

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