Rotom Dex

New Z-Moves, Rotom Dex Gets Buff in Ultra Sun and Moon

By the power of friendship!

We’re getting more and more info about the newest version of the 7th gen of Pokémon. Necrozma’s new forms come with their own special move and subsequent Z-Move. The Rotom Dex also gets a power-up as more features a now available through the talking Pokédex.

The Z-Moves of Necrozma’s fusions are nothing tremendously new. Of course, they’re incredibly cinematic and epic, but it’s more of the same one-hit KO moves that we’ve seen before. Even the names sound cheesy as ever; although, there’s nothing wrong with being the same.


On the other hand, your Pokédex just got a lot more useful. Once you reach a certain point in friendship, you’ll unlock new Rotom Dex abilities through Roto Loto. You can use these abilities to help hatch eggs faster, find higher level Pokémon, and much more. The Pokédex also helps you in battle, allowing you to use Z-Moves twice; although, I’m not sure how it activates.

What do you think of the new Z-Moves and other updates? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep coming back for more Nintendo news.


James Peterson

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