Sci-Fi vs Fantasy

Next North American Splatfest Sci-Fi vs Fantasy

Metroid vs Zelda?

Nintendo announced the next Splatfest for North America is Sci-Fi vs Fantasy and will take place this coming weekend. Which genre will come out on top?

I imagine the choice between the two will be rather close. I mean, sci-fi fantasy is a thing, so the two mix quite well. However, only one genre can reign supreme.


The European region had their own Splatfest as well. Europe had warm breakfast vs. cold breakfast, with warm beating cold. Japan also had their Splatfest recently, Karage with lemon vs. without lemon. Despite “with lemon” winning popularity, “without lemon” pulled out the win.

Sci-Fi vs Fantasy, which team will you side with? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep coming back for more Nintendo news.

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