Nintendo All Star Concert - Symphony of the Goddesses

Nintendo All Star Concert Interest Expressed by Zelda Symphony Producer

I love Nintendo music and I’d love to get the chance to listen to it live!

The Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses has been a huge hit for the last few years (I still want to go…). The producer of the concert, Jason Michael Paul, has an interest in creating a Nintendo All Star concert. This, of course, would be similar to the Zelda one, but with music from across Nintendo.


Nintendo All Star Concert

Paul and his company Jason Michael Paul Productions has been running the concert. Through the years, there’s been a good amount of success. In an interview Vooks, he talked about this possibility of a Nintendo All Star Concert, mentioning it for “years and years.”

(laughs) Of course, it’s all on Nintendo! I’ve already presented these ideas for years and years. Now so hopefully I’ll get my shot to be able to do that and hopefully I’ve done the Legend of Zelda franchise justice enough to be to be handed the torch to be able to do that because the idea of creating a Nintendo All Star concert is definitely something I would love to do. It would basically be all of Nintendo’s IP being presented all in one concert, it would be phenomenal.

Jason Michael Paul via Vooks

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