Pearl and Marina Artwork

Pearl and Marina Seem to have Replaced the Squid Sisters

“Don’t get cooked… stay off the hook!”

Well, we knew something was happening with the Squid Sisters since Callie seems to be missing. It appears that Pearl and Marina are the newest sensation and will be giving the news this time around.


Pearl and Marina

Pearl and Marina Artwork

At the direct this morning, we got some information about the two new hosts in Splatoon 2. These two will probably replace the Squid Sisters as Splatfest and News Hosts. Anyway, Pearl and Marina are part of the group Off the Hook and are singers as well. Their new catchphrase is “Don’t get cooked… stay off the hook!”

Pearl and Marina on TV

It’s unclear if Callie and Marie will ever join them, but I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be hosting the Splatfests any longer. I think that these two will do a great job, even though I prefer the Squid Sisters.

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