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Once Again, Playtonic Tells us Yooka-Laylee is Still Coming

More news coming soon, they say.

Yeah, this is getting a little old, but Playtonic has once again come out with something about Yooka-Laylee for Switch. Playtonic tells us that they’re hard at work, and they’ll have more information soon.


Playtonic Tells us “News Soon”

So, they took to Twitter this morning to let us know that they’re still working hard.

Honestly, they told us they were entering testing a few months ago, and keep promising more information. I know that they’re a small development studio, but for one with such old ties to Nintendo, I’d hope for more rapid development.

However, I know that my voice means very little here since I’m not a developer and it’s their game. Hopefully, we will get more information soon, and you can be sure we’ll let you know when! Let us know if you’re ready for more information in the comments below!

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