Sonic Mania Opening Animation

Sonic Mania Appears to be Releasing August 15

Steam listing, since removed, pointed to this date

We’ve been getting a lot of unofficial news and announcements lately. First Mario + Rabbids, and now Sonic Mania. There is no official release date, but Sonic Mania appears to be releasing on August 15.


Sonic Mania Appears to Release on August 15

Without the official announcement of the release date, we have to understand that it might not work this way. Anyway, the game, which will launch on Nintendo Switch, has a Steam page now. The date appears to have been removed as of this writing, but Twitter user @Nibellion snagged this screenshot.

sonic mania appears

Hopefully, this is the correct date, and we’ll be seeing it soon. Expect an official announcement before too long! Are you guys excited? Let us know in the comments below! Sonic Mania will release for Nintendo Switch sometime this summer.

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