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Sonic Mania Sales Will be Used by Sega to Determine the Future of Sonic

Well, we better all get a copy of this fantastic-looking game.

Sonic Mania is coming in August, and I and many others are very excited. It’s a return to the old Sonic format, it looks super fun, and it’s helping Sonic be great again. However, fans need to unite because the Sonic Mania sales data will determine the future of Sonic.


Sonic Mania Sales

GameCentral, via the Metro publication, got to chat with Takashi Iizuka. Iizuka is the head of the Sonic Team, and he was eager to talk about Sonic Mania. He and the rest of the team are incredibly excited to take a look at the sales data for the game.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview about the sales data:

GC: What do you do about elements in Sonic Forces which older fans might not like but kids will? Sonic’s friends, for example. The goal in the demo level is to find Shadow. And, really… I don’t want to find Shadow. I’d prefer he stayed lost.

TI: [laughs] In the past two decades Sonic games have been trying to target a broader audience from kids to adults. And Forces has that same idea, so that means a wider range of characters that we know children like. Even if other fans may not be quite as keen.

But for Mania, it’s kind of like a new approach. To target specifically 2D fans. So we don’t know whether it’ll be accepted positively in the market. We’ll find out after the game’s released, and we can figure out the direction of future titles after seeing the reaction.

I hope that people will take this seriously and will give the game a good honest chance. Like I said above, the game looks fantastic and it could be a great direction for the Sonic games.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. Will you be getting the game? You better!

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