Splat Brella

Splat Brella Coming to Splatoon 2 Tonight

I think it’s going to rain tonight. Better bring my umbrella…

The Splat Brella is finally here, or at least almost here. The newest weapon to Splatoon 2 arrives tonight, Nintendo announced in a tweet. The weapon is a new type introduced in the Splatoon sequel. 

The Splat Brella primarily focuses on defense as the umbrella part acts like a shield in some cases. If you hold the ZR button long enough, the umbrella also blasts off and explodes; however, that also means you won’t have the shield for a little bit.


The weapon also comes with the Sprinkler sub-weapon and Rainstorm as the special weapon. Side note, it’s pretty hilarious that Rainstorm is the special for a umbrella-like weapon.

It’s an interesting type of weapon, putting more of a focus on defense rather than offense. Of course, if you want to try the weapon out for yourself (before the update), it’s usable after a certain point in the single player campaign.

Here’s the tweet:

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