Hook art

Splatfest Cake vs Ice Cream Off the Hook Art

I must admit, the support for ice cream is overwhelmingly powerful.

Nintendo posted on social media some new Off the Hook art promoting the Cake vs Ice Cream Splatfest. They posted the Japanese version of the art last week, but both take place on July 15. 

The art shows Pearl getting ready to take a bite of cake, while Marina poses with her octopus-shaped ice cream cone. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t provide any extra information on why Peal and Marina like the desserts; although, they did in Japan for rock and pop.


Here’s the tweet:

Which side do you think will win? Let us know by commenting below, and be sure to keep coming back for more Splatoon and Nintendo news.

James Peterson

An aspiring digital journalist, James loves Nintendo and Japanese culture. He spent eight years in Japan studying the language and learning about the culture, if not goofing around in Tokyo. Zelda, Pokémon, and Xenoblade are some of his favorite franchises to play.