Switch Replacement Parts and Accessories

Switch Replacement Parts and Accessories on Nintendo Store Now

It has been but one day since the Switch launched. In case you’ve already broken your Switch, there are Switch replacement parts and accessories available on the Nintendo online Store right now.


Switch Replacement Parts

Other than your standard Joy-con grip and HDMI cable, the store offers replacement docks and kickstands. They also offer loads of accessories from cases to wrist straps if you want to grab them from Nintendo themselves. I’d imagine that these are the parts that will be broken the most.

I remember using Nintendo’s store back in the Wii days when I needed to get those updated wrist straps. I also got myself a few sets of the GameCube controller and memory card covers because they broke so easily. Either way, it’s nice to know that I can replace my wrist straps or kickstand if I break them.

Have you had issues with your hardware yet? Let us know!

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