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Switch Update 2.2.0 is Live Now

Gotta love how stable the Switch is becoming

If you’re looking for more stability on your Switch, you can rest easy. Switch Update 2.2.0 is live now for you to install.


Switch Update 2.2.0

This update is minor (why not use the third decimal point then?) with only a handful of various fixes. The release notes are standard:

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience

We’re all used to that on the 3DS, so this is no surprise. There may be some tweaks that have yet to be discovered, but that’s what Nintendo had to say.

Where’s the Virtual Console update? Or how about the browser and streaming services update? Guess those are still in the works, and might possibly be for E3.

Anyway, let us know how stable your Switch is in the comments below.

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