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Versus Modes Shown for ARMS

You can even play some basketball by shoving your friends down hoops!

As part of the Nintendo Direct for ARMS, they also detailed several different versus modes for the game. These modes include things like fighting, 2-on-2, and more!


Versus Modes

Here’s the full list of modes with a quick rundown.


This is your standard fighting mode. However, it feels like a brawl with some items. Things like HP recovery will be available for players to use in-game.

2-on-2 Team Fight

2-on-2 - Versus Modes

You can play with a few friends by getting tied together. You have to stay close, so you’re far more able to get hit by opponents. This mode looks like a lot of fun.


V-Ball - Versus Modes

This is literally just volleyball with your ARMS. Don’t worry about your arms crossing over because that’s not a foul. It’s a great idea for this type of game, and I’m sure it will be fun and challenging.


Hoops - Versus Modes

Play basketball by dunking your friends’ bodies into the hoops. That’s pretty much it. Punch ’em and then grab ’em and then DUNK ‘EM.


Skillshot - Versus Mode

Skillshot is like a target-shooting mode. You’ll have to aim your arms at the correct spot to hit targets. Whoever has the most points wins! Nothing like a shooting game in a punching game.


This is horde mode. Enemies will appear on the stage as you defeat them, and you have to work your way through the horde.

There’s also a testing and training mode to figure out what works best. There are a lot of cool modes coming to ARMS, and I’m actually getting excited. I think this game has some serious potential. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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