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Farming Simulator

Review: Farming Simulator – The Title Says It All

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do ya like makin’ money off growin’ crops? Does the sound of a tractor engine remind ya of home?  Do ya have a profile on farmersonly.com but don’t own a farm? Are you a country boy or gal stuck in the big city? Do you wish you could simulate farming life whenever wherever? Have I got a game for you.

There are no cutting corners in Farming Simulator; it’s a simulation through and through. You won’t find neighbors to befriend or mysterious caves to explore. Just your land, crops, tractor, and you. You better like almost every aspect of modern-day farming; otherwise, you’ll be dragging your feet in the mud. At the same time, that’s what makes Farming Simulator brilliant.

Review: League of Evil – The Switch’s Mario Maker

Out of the many Nindies on the Nintendo Switch, few can pull off the feeling of not being an indie game; however, League of Evil is one of those rare Nindies that does just that.

While we hope a Super Mario Maker port or remaster comes to the Switch in the near future, we needed a game to hold us over until then. Thankfully, I can say League of Evil scratches that itch. League of Evil takes an interesting, 8-bit twist on the whole ‘create-and-play’ genre of video games. The end result may be a little lacking compared to other games in the genre, but it is still is a fun ride.

Samus Rocket League battle-cars

Rocket League Getting Performance Patch Today on Switch

One of the biggest complaints with Rocket League on the Switch is how it performs. The visuals are far inferior to those of the other systems, and people don’t seem to understand why. Well, there’s a new patch releasing today that will hopefully address these issues. Sure, they said “performance improvements” but hopefully Rocket League getting this patch helps with resolution.