Nintendo 3DS (Console Landing Page)

This is our landing page for the Nintendo 3DS. Expect more information soon!

Recent news about Nintendo 3DS and Games

Samus Returns amiibo functionality

Mertroid: Samus Returns Amiibo Functionality Revealed

Glad I preordered my Metroid amiibo! It’s squishy and useful.

where to get the new amiibo

Where to Get Your Hands on all of the New amiibo

Female Corrin is now up on Amazon!

preorder ultra sun and ultra moon

Where can I preorder Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

Check out the steal book for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Amazon.

New Nintendo 2DS XL

New Nintendo 2DS XL Overview Trailer

I’ll wait for the New Nintendo Switch 3D XL mini. It’s my favorite version.


Miitopia “Look Up, Look Down” Trailer Uploaded to YouTube

Did the older brother call the kid a “dweeb” or a “weeb”?

San Diego Comic-Con

Nintendo Heading to San Diego Comic-Con

Strange, I have this sudden urge to stop what I’m doing and fly to San Diego. I wonder why?

Nintendo 3DS - Original 3DS

Original 3DS and Standard-size New 3DS Have Been Discontinued in Japan

The end of an era heralded with a discontinuation of hardware.

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii Switch and 3DS Full Reveal Trailer

Time to shake down Hawaii

Games in the Nintendo 3DS Series