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ARMS Master Class - Alright, I'll Get ARMS - Featured

Alright Nintendo, You Convinced Me, I’ll Get ARMS

If you’ve listened to our Podcast, or even read some of the other articles on the site, I’ve been pretty hesitant with ARMS. In fact, James has mentioned several times on the podcast that I’m reacting to ARMS like I did to Splatoon. At first, I wasn’t sold on Splatoon; it didn’t look like a complete game. But now I love it and admit I was completely wrong. Well, I think that the Global Testpunch convinced me that ARMS will be the same way. I’ll get ARMS.

fans should be cautious

Fans Should Be Cautious About Games that Exploit Nostalgia and Hype

The Breath of the Wild team told us a few weeks ago that they built an NES prototype to test out their ideas. One fan thought that was a great idea, and turned it into a fan game. The game has since been taken down, due to a complaint from Nintendo’s attorneys. However cool this game was, I think that the creator wanted this to happen. Fans should be cautious about fan games that can exploit their nostalgia and hype by using familiar characters without permission.