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Fire Emblem Fates Characters

Fire Emblem Fates May Be Single Release, Suggests Amazon UK

Interesting news popped up recently about the newest installment of Fire Emblem Fates. A fan in the UK, after looking at the game’s listing on Amazon, noticed that there is but one copy listed, instead of two. The game has seen some tremendous success in Japan as a two-part release, but maybe Europe is going to get the game as a single copy, as the developers originally intended.

Welcome to Virtual Boys – Now NintenCity

Update: This website was originally housed at That domain now forwards to NintenCity. If you found this post, you’re looking at a piece of history as this was made the day we launched the old website. We launched the podcast shortly afterward. We consider the date of this post, July 30, 2015, to be our official launch. We consider NintenCity’s launch to be another grand opening.

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