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where to get the new amiibo

Where to Get Your Hands on all of the New amiibo

Update: Female Corrin is now up on Amazon!

Update: We’ve got a guide for the new Champion Amiibo here! Here is our guide for the new Mario Odyssey amiibo! If you’re looking for the new Metroid amiibo, we’ve got you covered! Another guide for the Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo is here. We’re adding guides for the other sets of amiibo as we speak!

The rest of this guide focuses on the new Smash series and Zelda series that was announced back in April! Click the links above for the new Zelda series, the new Mario series, the new Metroid series, and the new Fire Emblem Warriors amiibo.

Nintendo announced yesterday 13 new amiibo. I’ve already posted on how awesome they look, but it’s hard to find a place that shows you where you can get each of them. This post will do just that and be updated as more information comes. Here’s where to get the new amiibo.