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Sonic Forces

Review: Sonic Forces – Sanic, Sanic, and my OC

Why, oh why, Sega!? Why can’t you be consistent with your games? Did you really want to be outdone by the team behind Sonic Mania, the game literally made by fans!? I had high aspirations for Sonic Forces. Following Sonic Mania and the plethora of other amazing titles we got this year, I was looking forward to this game.

Unfortunately, this game has surprised me in the worst of ways. Let’s find out why.

Bigger Relationship - Doom - Doom Runs at 30fps - DOOM Launches

Review: Doom – Nintendoom! (In Progress)

Doom is a roller coaster that takes off as soon as the game begins and doesn’t stop until you do. This is one of the best action games to have come out in the last few years, but you already knew that. The game came out a year ago and won many awards.

What you are probably wondering is how does Doom run on the Nintendo Switch? Is the multiplayer good on Nintendo’s online service? Is playing the game on handheld worth it? Or maybe you didn’t get around to playing the game last year and are curious if now is the time to try it. With so many questions to be answered, let’s get started.