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Samus Returns accolades trailer

Where to Get Your Hands on the Metroid amiibo

Update: Best Buy pre-orders are back up.

Update: Preorders are up for the Dual Pack on Best Buy and GameStop’s sites for $29.99.

Update: Amazon has posted dummy pages for the Metroid amiibo!

Nintendo announced during their E3 Treehouse Live conference amiibo for Metroid: Samus Returns. Of course, getting your hands on any amiibo is a real challenge, but never fear! Here’s a guide on how to get your hands on the Metroid amiibo.

Ironcast Audio Review, Metroid amiibo

Ironcast Audio Review, Arcades, and Metroid amiibo Controversy – Episode 63

All three of us convene this week to discuss the problem with the Metroid amiibo, but first, we talk about some pressing matters, like our Ironcast audio review! We also spend some time talking about our experiences with arcades and how awesome they are. Then we finish by complaining about how the hardest mode in Metroid: Samus Returns is locked behind the squishy Metroid amiibo. Enjoy!