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Smash Bros and Fire Emblem Fates

Super Smash Bros. New Characters and Fire Emblem Fates – Episode 11

After the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo direct, host David (that’s me!), accompanied by co-hosts Jordan and Skylar, talk about their reactions. They discuss Corrin, Bayonetta, and Cloud all making their way into Smash Bros. The addition of Corrin also inspired discussion for Fire Emblem fates, where David and Skylar talk with Andrew, a guest to the podcast. Join them this week for a Smash and Fire Emblem themed episode!

Minecraft Wii U Edition – My Thoughts and Opinions

This week, Mojang revealed that on December 17th, Minecraft would finally arrive on Wii U. Minecraft Wii U Edition will launch with off-TV play (a common feature on the Wii U) and will include 6 different texture packs for free. There will also be plenty of DLC available from the start that players can optionally purchase. Now, my question is, is it too late to release Minecraft on Wii U? Is it worth it to get this edition?

Nintendo’s First Mobile Game Announcement Tonight

As Nintendo continues their quarterly report, President Kimishima announced that they would reveal Nintendo and DeNA’s first mobile game during Thursday’s investor meeting.  The contract between Nintendo and DeNA covers five games for mobile devices, and on Thursday, investors and fans will be able to take a look at their first game. Because the meeting is held in Japan, the news will probably reach North America by 9:00 pm EST.