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Eiji Aonuma Finds The Master Sword

Eiji Aonuma Plays In The Snow, Shows Off Amiibo

The Breath of the Wild hype is real as only a month remains before the game’s release. To celebrate, Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma went out to the European wild, pretending to be Link. He even found the Master Sword stuck in a log! Although, he couldn’t pull it out. The sword is actually the statue that comes with the Breath of the Wild master edition. I guess he was able to get a preorder… lucky.

Nintendo Switch Developer Tools

Nintendo Switch Trailer Leaks Developer Tools

A new Nintendo Switch trailer dropped in several countries around the world today, featuring primarily the on-the-go style of gameplay that the Switch is built to provide.  But what gathered more attention was not the trailer itself – it was the mistake made in the Nintendo Portugal version of the video.  It has since been fixed and re-uploaded, but for about an hour this morning the Portuguese version of this trailer showed footage of the console’s built-in developer tools: