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Episode 58: Splatoon 2 Direct Reflections Zelda Master Trials

Splatoon 2 Direct Reflections and Zelda Master Trials Review – Episode 58

The morning before this recording, there was a Direct! The Direct was all about Splatoon 2, and we had to talk about the stuff that they revealed. It was pretty intense. Then, we had to review the Master Trials DLC for Breath of the Wild since we finally got to play it a bit. It was a great episode with some pretty good goofs. So enjoy this episode about our Splatoon 2 Direct reflections and Zelda Master Trials review.

Zelda DLC Pack 1 - Episode 57

Zelda DLC Pack 1, Star Fox 2, SNES Classic Mini, and Nintendo Anime – Episode 57

Jordan finally returns to the Virtual Boys Podcast to talk about some big big topics. This time, we discuss Jordan’s matured E3 impressions first, and then move into the Zelda DLC Pack 1. After that, we wonder why on earth the SNES Classic Mini is so infuriating, yet enticing. Finally, we wonder about Nintendo expanding to other media like anime. This episode is pretty awesome.

E3 2017

E3 2017 Impressions, Thoughts, and Review MEGASODE – Episode 56

David gets with James and Skylar to talk about everything that went down at E3. They share their thoughts, their feelings, their dreams, their hopes, and much more in this episode. There may have been tears of joy shed for a particular game announcement. But, you won’t know if they did or not unless you listen! Anyway, enjoy this Virtual Boys Podcast E3 2017 Megasode.

odd series

Older (and Odder) Games and Series that Should Return to Switch – Episode 51

With the Switch out and the 3DS slowly beginning to die off, we wondered what Nintendo could throw on the new console. So, this week the Virtual Boys got together with their expertise to discuss some odd series that should make their return. Nintendo characters doing collectathons (a la Donkey Kong 64), good ol’ Nintendo RPGs, Kirby Air Ride, and more! Join them as they discuss how these games could return.