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Older (and Odder) Games and Series that Should Return to Switch – Episode 51

In which we talk about those odd games that we loved years ago that should absolutely make a return.

With the Switch out and the 3DS slowly beginning to die off, we wondered what Nintendo could throw on the new console. So, this week the Virtual Boys got together with their expertise to discuss some odd series that should make their return. Nintendo characters doing collectathons (a la Donkey Kong 64), good ol’ Nintendo RPGs, Kirby Air Ride, and more! Join them as they discuss how these games could return.

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More about the Odd Series and Games Episode

This week I got with James and Jordan. Unfortunately, Skylar’s got a busy schedule and wasn’t able to join us. We’re also back to the video chat method of recording since James is across the country. Hopefully, this episode was good enough quality for you though!

We decided to do this topic because we’ve talked in the past about old series that should return anyway. These series are rather strange and not a ton of people really remember them. We thought it would be fun to see what we could come up with. Maybe these games will eventually make a return! Let us know what you think about this in the comments below!

Episode Timestamps

Yeah, they returned. This episode was more structured, so I can do that.
0:00:00 – Donkey Kong 64 – The Collectathon
0:17:09 – Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga – GBA Games and the 3DS’s Life
0:26:19 – Earthworm Jim and Old-school Rayman
0:29:50 – Pac-man World 2
0:37:20 – Kirby Air Ride – Other Racing Games
0:41:41 – Mega Man’s Triumphant Return???
0:48:28 – Mario Games – Wario Land, Wario World, Wario Ware

Music Selection

  • Jungle Japes – Donkey Kong 64 – composed by Grant Kirkhope
  • Preparing for Traveling (Menu Select) – Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga – composed by Yoko Shimomura
  • Pac-man World 2 Menu Theme
  • Mega Man 2 Medley – Super Smash Bros – Arranged by Rio Hamamoto
  • Intro and Otro by 5kytar

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