Pokémon Direct - Episode 55

Pokémon Direct and E3 Speculation Corrections and Additions – Episode 55

The Virtual Boys talk about Pokémon, again!

This week, we got some interesting stuff from Nintendo via an impromptu Nintendo direct. This direct was all about Pokémon announcements! Join David, Skylar, and James as they talk about this Ultra Pokémon Direct!


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More about the Pokémon Direct and E3 Speculations Corrections Episode

Skylar returned this week, but we’re still missing Jordan. We had a great discussion after all the craziness that was the new Pokémon Direct. Of course, we had to talk about it, so we did! We were a bit disappointed with some of the things announced, but there’s lots of great stuff to be excited about!

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Episode 55 Timestamps

0:00:00 – Let’s make some corrections to our E3 Discussion from last week, and talk about the official Nintendo Switch Online Program
0:21:00 – Pokkén Tournament Deluxe
0:30:44 – Pokémon Gold and Silver releasing on eShop
0:45:31 – Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Music Selection

HeartGold and SoulSilver Route 47 Remix – GlitchxCity
Magikarp Festival Remix – GlitchxCity
Intro and Otro by 5kytar

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