E3 2017

E3 2017 Impressions, Thoughts, and Review MEGASODE – Episode 56

Check out the Virtual Boys’ thoughts on E3 2017!

David gets with James and Skylar to talk about everything that went down at E3. They share their thoughts, their feelings, their dreams, their hopes, and much more in this episode. There may have been tears of joy shed for a particular game announcement. But, you won’t know if they did or not unless you listen! Anyway, enjoy this Virtual Boys Podcast E3 2017 Megasode.


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More about the E3 2017 Episode

This was a great episode and expands on last week’s minisode. We had a great time discussing everything that went down at E3. This includes some of the non-Nintendo conferences and announcements! Of course, being a Nintendo podcast, we do end up focusing on Nintendo’s presentation.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Remember, they’re going up early on our Patreon, so if you want to get early access, be sure to pledge some support! We really appreciate it!

Episode 56 Timestamps

0:00:00 – E3 General Impressions

Individual Games!

0:28:33 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2
0:34:58 – Kirby for Nintendo Switch
0:36:55 – Pokken Tournament DX
0:38:26 – Pokémon For Nintendo Switch
0:42:47 – METROID PRIME 4
1:01:06 – Yoshi for Nintendo Switch
1:04:54 – Fire Emblem Warriors
1:11:04 – Skyrim for Switch
1:13:26 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC
1:17:24 – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
1:19:35 – Rocket League for Switch
1:21:26 – Super Mario Odyssey
1:25:22 – Metroid: Samus Returns
1:29:48 – Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions
1:33:45 – Brief Amiibo Discussion
1:39:40 – Final Thoughts on E3

Music Selection

Pokémon OR/AS Remix: Southern Island – Arranged by RetroSpecter
Lost Woods 8 Bit Remix – Arranged by Bulby
Metroid Prime 4: Dark Samus Remix (Fanmade) – Arranged by RetroSpecter
Jump Up, Super Star! 8 Bit Remix – Arranged by Bulby
Prince Sidon 8-Bit – Arranged by Loeder
Intro and Otro by 5kytar

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