Zelda DLC Pack 1 - Episode 57

Zelda DLC Pack 1, Star Fox 2, SNES Classic Mini, and Nintendo Anime – Episode 57

Loads of topics discussed on episode 57 of the Virtual Boys Podcast!

Jordan finally returns to the Virtual Boys Podcast to talk about some big big topics. This time, we discuss Jordan’s matured E3 impressions first, and then move into the Zelda DLC Pack 1. After that, we wonder why on earth the SNES Classic Mini is so infuriating, yet enticing. Finally, we wonder about Nintendo expanding to other media like anime. This episode is pretty awesome.


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More about the Zelda DLC Pack, SNES, and Nintendo Anime Episode

This episode was fun to record and edit, because all four of us were finally together again! We figured Jordan needed some time to chat about his E3 impressions so we let him have that. We also had to talk about Star Fox 2, the Zelda DLC, and the rarity of the SNES Classic Mini.

We hope that you enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast, because we sure enjoyed recording it. If you have any questions or comments about the show, post them here, or head to our contact page. We’d love to hear from you and answer your question on the show!


0:00:00 – Jordan’s E3 Impressions
0:16:50 – Zelda DLC Pack 1
0:32:50 – SNES Classic Mini
0:51:30 – Nintendo in other Media Possibilities

Music Selection

Showdown in Kanto! – Arranged by GlitchxCity
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Remix – Arranged by GlitchxCity
Corneria 8 Bit Remix – Arranged by Bulby
Intro and Otro by 5kytar

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