Nindies Reviews and August Games

Nindies Reviews and Upcoming August Games – Episode 62

Yes, we talked about Japanese mayo for a while! It’s funny!

James, Jordan, and I get together to talk about a few Nindie games we wanted to review. We discuss Overcooked: Special Edition and then Ultra Hyperball. Of course, we answer if you should be getting those games and if they fit in your library. Then, we talk about all of the fun stuff that’s coming out in August for the Nintendo Switch! We also talk about Mayonnaise.


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More about the Nindies Reviews and Upcoming August Games Episode

I feel like I keep saying how much fun we had recording episodes in this part. Does anyone even read these? Let me know if you do please. I’ll keep them coming anyway.

So, we had to talk about two games this week. We reviewed Overcooked: Special Edition and Ultra Hyperball in the episode, and we reviewed them on the website! You should check them out: Overcooked: Special Edition review and Ultra Hyperball review.

We have some special things planned for Episode 64, so stay tuned!

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0:00:00 – Ultra Hyperball Review
0:14:31 – Overcooked Review
0:27:30 – August Games

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